Dr. Michael Halan, DC

Halan Family Chiropractic

A chiropractor in Roswell, GA

Dr. Halan has been a practicing chiropractor in Roswell, GA since 1996 and has helped hundreds of patients return to better health. He utilizes multiple chiropractic adjusting techniques, Applied Kinesiology, nutrition, and physical therapy to address each patient's individual condition to meet their body’s needs. Being a preferred provider with many health insurance plans allows Dr. Halan to treat most of his patients for a simple co-pay. Cash and family plans are available for the uninsured.

As a chiropractor in Roswell, GA, Dr. Halan sees many patients for injuries and chronic pain and delights most in treating families working toward whole body wellness. Athletes of all ages and pursuits can increase their performance and reduce their risk of injuries with quality chiropractic care.

Integrated care is the approach of our clinic. Complimentary therapies like nutrition, neuro-muscular therapy, and physical therapy modalities aid the chiropractor in accelerating the patients recovery. Applied Kinesiolgy aids in the diagnosis and treatment of not only musculo-skeletal problems, but metabolic issues as well, and promotes overall health.

Adjustments given to children with spinal misalignments have the potential for the greatest lifelong impact of any of the services that we perform.

The bottom line is that our chiropractor in Roswell, GA can help people of all ages suffering from back, neck, joint, or head pain. But it doesn't stop there. Call us today at (770) 609-9374 to schedule an appointment.

Mission Statement:

To educate and assist patient's in reaching their full health potential. To alleviate pain and suffering and return patients to their work and families.